King Barack’s Court: A Flippant Regime

King Obama

Several years ago, Rush Limbaugh stopped referring to the Obama “administration” and started calling them the Obama “regime.” They routinely acted contrary to the will of the people and above the law in pursuit of their political agenda. It has become much worse than that now. They just don’t care anymore. They are now King Barack’s Flippant Regime.

Special Report host Bret Baier recently asked former National Security Council spokesman and professional Twitter troll Tommy Vietor about a particular change in the official talking points for Benghazi in the days following the attack. Vietor’s response was literally unbelievable.

Let’s be clear here. A journalist asked a former government official about a detail of the potential coverup of the administration response to a terrorist attack, and his response was, “Dude…”


Unconcidentally, Vietor isn’t alone in his ennui for administrative responsibility and oversight. His response echoes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s indignation when asked about the same thing in a Senate hearing last year.

I mean, honestly. The gall of the People’s elected representatives asking a government official about the details of a terrorist attack on the United States. Where do they get off?

Despite its seriousness, Benghazi has literally become a joke to the left wing of the ruling class. Fortunately, only to them. A large majority of Americans (60% of voters) want Congress to keep investigating the attack and ensuing political scandal. Even more (61%) think the White House is covering up the details. That’s more people than support same-sex marriage (59%), but you don’t hear administration officials flippantly dismissing the issue of equal rights.

And it’s not just Benghazi. The glib dismissal emanating from the White House also covers issues like the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits, the Keystone XL pipeline, NSA surveillance of American citizens, and the Fast and Furious gun debacle. Like Benghazi, Republicans have widespread support to pursue all these issues according to polls. And like Benghazi, Obama surrogates consider them all political theater rather than legitimate concerns.

The well-known quote, “Let them eat cake,” is almost universally misunderstood. But the modern use actually works better in this case. Except to fully capture the adolescent tone of our current government, we have to Spicoli-ize it:

“Dude, let them eat cake!”

King Barack

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